Antutu Benchmark of Realme Smartphones – Ranking

Phone SeriesAntutu Benchmark
Realme X50 Pro 5G593.072
Realme X3 Super Zoom512.574
Realme X2 Pro Master Editiion
Realme X2 Pro 469.209
Realme 7298.069
Realme Narzo292.149
Realme 6290.201
Realme 6 Pro287.667
Realme X50266.080
Realme Narzo 20204.021
Realme XT (8GB/128GB)226.030
Realme Narzo 10202.265
Realme 6i200.984
Realme C3194.170
Realme X Lite 8GB/128GB179.000
Realme 5 Pro174.000
Realme 5i173.462 & 164.684
Realme X Lite 4GB/64GB169.000
Realme X 4GB/64GB164.000
Realme 5s163.000
Realme 5161.474
Realme U1156.000
Realme 3 Pro 4GB/64GB155.000
Realme 2 Pro 4GB/64GB140.000
Realme 3 3GB/32GB137.901
Realme 1 3GB/32GB130.000
Realme C15112.268
Realme C12108.727
Realme C11105.390
Realme C278.115
Realme 257.000
Realme C157.000

Antutu Benchmark of Realme smartphones we present above might help you decide what Realmi phone you would buy. But you need to remember that the benchmark shouldn’t be the only determining factor in buying Realmi. There are many factors that you need to consider beforehand. So, you have to be well informed about it, in order to get a Realme smartphone that fits your need.

We gather the info regarding Antutu Benchmark of Realme smartphones from several websites and youtube channels. However, we are not responsible for any inaccuracies and misinformation. So, we recommend you to compare the info we provide with others.

Note: Wikipedia records that Realme first appeared in China in 2010 as “OPPO Real”. It was a subbrand of OPPO Electronics Corporation until 2018. On July 30, 2018, Sky Li, former vice president of OPPO and head of OPPO’s overseas business department, announced his official resignation from OPPO, since he intended to establish Realme as an independent brand.

IF you’d love to find out the ranking of Antutu Benhmark of Oppo Phones, you may visit the following link.

Antutu Benchmark of Oppo Smartphones-Ranking

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