Antutu Benchmark of Xiaomi Redmi – Ranking

Phone SeriesAntutu Benchmark
K30 Pro Zoom Edition593.686
Redmi K30 5G259.758
Redmi 9 4/64 Helio G80199.947
Redmi 7 Pro 3GB/32GB135.991
Redmi 7 Global 3GB/32GB99.554
Redmi 9c 3/64 Helio G3597.532
Redmi 892.875
Redmi 6 Pro89.000
Redmi Pro86.470
Redmi 9A86.084
Redmi S278.004
Redmi 5 Plus76.883
Redmi 675.399
Redmi 7A 2GB/16GB74.000
Redmi 570.000
Redmi 4 Prime62.359
Redmi Y261.000
Redmi 4X57.686
Redmi 6A55.277
Redmi 4A43.869
Redmi 442.989
Redmi 4X Pro42.152
Redmi 3S Prime41.953
Redmi Y141.000
Redmi 3S37.647
Redmi 3 Prime36.059
Redmi 3X35.787
Redmi 3 Pro33.726
Redmi 333.726
Redmi 5A32.000
Redmi Y1 Lite32.000
Redmi 2A24.000
Redmi 223.559
Redmi 1S21.467
Redmi 2 prime20.745

Antutu Benchmark Of Xiaomi Redmi we list above might help you decide what Redmi you would buy. But you need to remember that the benchmark shouldn’t be the only determining factor in buying it. There are many factors that you need to consider beforehand. So, you have to be well informed about it, in order to get a smartphone that fits your need.

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