Antutu Benchmark for Samsung Galaxy A Series

Phone SeriesAntutu Benchmark
Galaxy A71274.153
Galaxy A80 254.214
Galaxy A51192.391
Galaxy A9 Pro (2019)170.000
Galaxy A8s170.000
Galaxy A70169.913
Galaxy A50s155.000
Galaxy A31150.378
Galaxy A9 (2018)142.346
Galaxy SM-A51SF138.242
Galaxy A50137.558
Galaxy A6s136.370
Galaxy A8 Star135.026
Galaxy A21s124.993
Galaxy A8 (2018)116.643
Galaxy A7 (2018)116.370
Galaxy A30s109.000
Galaxy A30107.000
Galaxy A20 94.527
Galaxy A0192.522
Galaxy A1190.384
Galaxy A10 SM-A105FZ88.710
Galaxy A20s 3GB/32GB85.425
Galaxy A10s71.000
Galaxy A5 (2017) A520F61.200
Galaxy A01 Core44.168

Antutu Benchmark for Samsung Galaxy A series in the list above may help you decide what Galaxy A phone you would buy. But you need to remember that the benchmark score shouldn’t be the only determining factor in buying a smartphone. There are many factors that you need to consider beforehand. So, you have to gather all the info relate to it, in order to get a Galaxy A Phone that fits your need.

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