Antutu Benchmark of VIVO Smartphone – Ranking

Vivo iQOO 6GB 128GB372.006
Vivo X50 Pro330.947
Vivo Nex S 128GB291.277
Vivo V20280.373
Vivo X50 8/128 GB279.695
Vivo NEX Dual Display245.000
VIVO V19235.252
Vivo V17 Pro 8GB-128GB212.000
Vivo Y19183.097
Vivo V17 Neo-Global-6GB-128GB183.000
Vivo Z1 Pro180.000
Vivo V20 SE179.414
Vivo V15 Pro179.000
Vivo X27 8GB 256GB V1829T178.000
Vivo Y50177.299
Vivo X27 Pro174.000
Vivo Xplay 6 6GB-128GB165.725
Vivo S1 Pro154.937
Vivo Y20s153.970
Vivo X23146.632
Vivo V9 (Snapdragon 660, RAM 6 GB)144.017
Vivo X21 6GB 128GB143.707
Vivo X20 Plus 64GB142.418
Vivo X20142.062
Vivo V11i140.000
Vivo S1138.000
Vivo V15137.900
Vivo Z1136.000
Vivo V11 Pro134.000
Vivo Y20132.340
Vivo Y30i 4 gb 112.373
Vivo Y30110.284
Vivo X9 Plus105.000
Vivo Y12i98.425
Vivo Y1787.185
Vivo Y8981.200
Vivo Y9580.991
Vivo Y9179.171
Vivo Y83 4GB 64GB78.000
Vivo Y1577.651
Vivo Y8177.449
Vivo Y9376.748
Vivo Y91C76.180
Vivo Y1275.000
Vivo XPlay 5 4GB72.061
Vivo V9 CN 4GB 64GB67.000
Vivo Y1162.805
Vivo X960.000
Vivo V5 Plus60.000
Vivo V7+58.000
Vivo V756.000
Vivo V5s42.270
Vivo V541.115
Vivo Xplay 3S36.258
Vivo Y5335.556
Vivo Y7134.704

Antutu Benchmark Of VIVO Smartphone ranking we list above might be useful for you to decide what VIVO you would buy. But you need to remember that the benchmark shouldn’t be the only determining factor in buying a handphone. There are many factors that you need to consider beforehand. So, you have to be well informed about it, in order to get the Vivo that fits your need.

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