Li-Ion vs Li-Poly or Lithium-Ion vs Lithium-Polymer Battery

Li-Ion Vs Li-Poly Or Lithium-Ion Vs Lithium-Polymer Battery. Li-Ion began their development in 1912. They become popular after Sony adopted them in 1991. Lithium Ion Batteries have high energy densities and cost less to manufacture than lithium-polymer or Li-Poly. In addition, they do not require priming when first used and have a low self-discharge. However, lithium-ion batteries do suffer from aging – even when they are not in use.

Li-Poly batteries started in 1970’s. Their first design included a dry solid polymer electrolyte that resembled a plastic film. Therefore, this type of battery can result in credit card thin designs while still holding relatively good battery life. So, the lithium-polymer battery is sleeker and thinner. In addition, lithium-polymer batteries are very lightweight and have improved safety. However, these batteries will cost more to manufacture and have a worse energy density than lithium-ion batteries.

After reading all the different specifications of both battery types, we can see that there is only a slight competition between Li-Ion Vs Li-Poly Or Lithium-Ion Vs Lithium-Polymer Battery.

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