Antutu Scores for OnePlus Phones-Ranking

SmartphonesAntutu Benchmark
OnePlus 8 582.405
OnePlus 8 Pro577.314
OnePlus 7t391.000
OnePlus 7379.000
OnePlus 7 Pro367.000
OnePlus 6t298.000
OnePlus 6266.000
OnePlus 5t211.000
OnePlus 5182.000
OnePlus 3t165.000
OnePlus 3143.000
OnePlus 260.000
OnePlus One56.000
OnePlus X47.000

Antutu Scores for OnePlus Phones in the list above may help you decide what Oneplus phones you would buy. But you need to remember that the Antutu benchmark scores shouldn’t be the only determining factor in buying the smartphone. There are many factors that you need to consider beforehand. So, you have to gather all the info relate to it, in order to get a OnePlus phone that fits your need.

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