Antutu Scores of Galaxy Note

Phone SeriesAntutu Benchmark
Galaxy Note 20 Ultra529.030
Galaxy Note 20 477.990
Galaxy Note 10 Plus349.127
Galaxy Note 10348.184
Galaxy Note 9241.686 & 246.079
Galaxy Note 8168.052
Galaxy Note FE (Fan Edition)142.937
Galaxy Note 7130.831
Galaxy Note 5116.000
Galaxy Note Edge64.919
Galaxy Note 458.291
Galaxy Note 344.210
Galaxy Note 3 Neo32.725
Galaxy Note 27.652

Antutu Scores Of Galaxy Note series in the list above may help you decide what Samsung Galaxy Note you would buy. However, you need to remember that the Antutu benchmark shouldn’t be the only determining factor in buying a Galaxy Note. There are many factors you need to consider beforehand. So, you have to gather all the info relate to it, in order to get a Galaxy Note that fits your need.

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