ZTE Phones’ Antutu Benchmark Ranking

ZTE PhonesAntutu Scores
ZTE nubia Z20464.761
ZTE Axon 10 Pro 5G434.389
ZTE nubia Red Magic 3379.462
ZTE nubia Red Magic219.911
ZTE nubia Z17178.544
ZTE Axon 7
ZTE nubia Z17 Lite89.411
ZTE nubia Z17 mini86.789
ZTE nubia M275.599
ZTE Blade V970.337
ZTE nubia M2 Play56.586
ZTE Zmax Pro46.423
ZTE Blade Z Max46.002
ZTE Nubia Z945.119
ZTE nubia N241.056
ZTE nubia N2 Lite

ZTE phones’ Antutu Benchmark Ranking we list above might help you decide what ZTE phones you would buy. But you need to remember that the benchmark scores shouldn’t be the only determining factor in buying a smartphone. There are many factors that you need to consider beforehand. So, you have to be well informed about it, in order to get a ZTE Phone that fits your need.

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