Best Apple IPhone 2019 according to Antutu Benchmark, latest Antutu scores for iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 5, iPhone Xs, iPhone Xr

best Apple iPhone 2019-Antutu Benchmark

Best Apple IPhone 2019 according to Antutu scores as we listed in the following table.

iPhone SeriesAntutu Benchmark
iPhone XS 4GB+64GB355.956
iPhone XS Max 4GB+256GB355.309
iPhone XR 3GB+64GB345.894
iPhone X 3GB+64GB246.655
iPhone 8 Plus 3GB+64GB239.518
iPhone 8 2GB+64GB232.710
iPhone 7 Plus 3GB+128GB189.643
iPhone 7 2GB+32GB184.183
iPhone SE 2GB+32GB153.639
iPhone 6s 2GB+64GB151.097
iPhone 6s Plus 2GB+64GB150798

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Antutu Benchmark of Apple iPhone-Ranking

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