Best Samsung Galaxy S 2019

Best Samsung Galaxy S 2019 according to its Antutu Benchmark scores. Here we list the best 10 Galaxy S Antutu Benchmark scores.

Samsung Galaxy S SeriesAntutu Benchmark
S10+ (9820) 8GB+128GB332.850
S9+ (SDM845) 6GB+64GB283.383
S9 (SDM845) 4GB+64GB279.458
S9+ (9810) 6GB+256GB250.410
Galaxy S9 G960F 4GB 64GB249.446
S9 (9810) 4GB+64GB247.039
Galaxy S8 4GB 64GB G950F202.256
Galaxy S7 EU G930F158.723
Galaxy S7 Edge EU G935F158.313
Galaxy S Luxury Edition SM-G8750104.000
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